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Class Timetable September 2017 - July 2018


Early evening Classes:


Early class 16:45-17:45, later class 17:55-18:55


Autumn Term 2017


         12th September 17th October 2017 (six sessions)


         31st October 28th November 2017 (five sessions)


The class originally scheduled for 5th Dec is cancelled due to the clubhouse Christmas arrangements.



Spring Term 2018


         9th January 6th February 2018 (five sessions)


         20th February 27th March 2018 (six sessions)



Summer Term 2018


         17th April 22rd May 2018 (six sessions)


         5th June 10th July 2018 (six sessions) 



Monday Midday Classes:


Midday class 12:00 -13:00  Hursley village hall


Summer Term 2018


         16th April 30th April (Three sessions)


         14th May - 21st May (Two sessions)


         4th June - 16th July (Six sessions)





Additional Summer Classes:




Classes are held in the Jim Hayes Hall, Hursley Clubhouse or the Sports Hall depending on availability. The Monday Midday classes are held  in Hursley village hall.





Pilates Reference Books etc

iPad  App

For those of you with an iPad or iPhone there is an excellent App called "my guru Pilates" . It shows all our exercises, at various levels, in picture form, and it's free to download. Click here to view in the Apple App store.



Body Control Pilates


The instructors we use have been trained in Body Control Pilates. Follow this link to the Body Control Pilates website.



Reference Books


Some members of the IBM Pilates class have asked for book/DVD references, to enable self-practice and maintain a level of core strength and flexibility.  The exercises are more beneficial when carried out on a regular basis, e.g. 20 mins alternate days, and/or just before/after: gardening, hauling luggage, decorating, cycling.  

There are many books on the market re. Pilates, but the Body Control Pilates website provides a comprehensive list, and is developed from sound knowledge - both Hannah and I have trained with BCPA so the exercises should be fairly familiar.

Pilates Anatomy, R. Isacavitz, K. Clippinger,      

Pilates The Way Forward, L. Robinson, G. Thomson
Inch Loss Pilates, (DVD/Book) L. Robinson (Body Control Pilates)  

The Body Control Pilates Back Book, Robinson et al
The Perfect Body, (DVD)                                           
The Mind-Body Workout with Pilates and The Alexander Technique, Robinson, Fisher
Pilates Weekly Workout, (DVD)







  IBM Hursley Pilates Club 2018             Images courtesy of www.pixabay.com