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Club Constitution


The name of the Club/Section shall be The Hursley Pilates Club.

The objects of the Club shall be to promote the practices and techniques of Pilates.

MEMBERSHIP Ordinary membership of the Club shall be open to all IBM Laboratories Club Members and their guests only.

MANAGEMENT (a) The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee of the club, except in those matters to be decided by the Club in General Meeting, OR those which are covered by IBM Laboratories Club Constitution and Rules.

(b) The Committee shall exercise the powers given to it under these rules, and shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, (or a combination of these three). All Committee members, including office bearers, shall be elected by the members at the annual General Meeting of the Club. They shall go out of the office at the end of the Club year, but shall be eligible for re-election.

(c) The Club officers and Committee undertake to call and hold a General Meeting annually. (To be called the Annual General Meeting).

(d) Extraordinary General Meetings can be called at any time (subject to 7 days notice) by Committee Members of the club. The "agenda" for such a meeting shall consist of the subject to be debated only.

SUBSCRIPTIONS (a) The annual subscription for members and their guests shall be fixed by the Club Committee from time to time under these rules.

(b) The said annual subscription shall be due and payable on 1st April of each year. The Committee (of the Club) may terminate the membership of any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid on 30th June of any year.

(c) All such subscriptions shall conform to the guidelines of the IBM Laboratories Club as laid down from time to time.

ACCOUNTS (a) The Treasurer shall cause to be kept such accurate and proper books of account as will enable him/her at every annual General Meeting of the Pilates Club, or at any such time as may be required by the IBM Laboratories Club upon reasonable notice, to present a full and accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club.

(b) A Statement of Accounts shall be provided to the IBM Laboratories Club Office at the end of the Club financial year which shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

(c) a statement of all assets held by the Club of a minimum value as determined by the IBM Laboratories Club shall be submitted to the Club Office annually by 31st March each year.

The Hursley Pilates Club agrees to comply with the IBM Laboratories Club Constitution and rules.

SPECIAL RULES relating to:-

(i) Frequency of meetings of the Club as a whole and of the committee should be considered.

(ii) The amount of subscriptions paid.

(iii) Alteration of the Constitution and or Rules

(iv) Use of equipment by the Club.






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